Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I place an order?

The easiest way to get an order started is via email. This is the clearest way to get your information to us and the easiest way for us to give you pricing. When placing an order the more information you give us, the better.  For instance: the process you’d like (digital, screen or embroidery); the item (such as shirt, hat, sweatshirt); the total quantity you’d like to purchase; and the artwork you’d like.

You can also call the store or come in Monday through Friday from 9-6 to place an order.

Please keep in mind that production time varies, and during our busiest times can take up to 3 weeks.

Are there design/ setup fees?

Screen printing: 
For screen printing orders there is an initial screen prep/artwork charge of $25 per screen (every color of the design= a screen). This fee then goes down to $10 per screen for future orders. We keep your artwork forever, but do have to re-burn the screen for every order.

Digital printing: There are typically no additional design or setup fees with digital printing, unless the design is overly complicated.

If you are having a logo digitized (converted to a stitch".DST" file) there is a one time digitizing fee. This fee is typically $40-$50 but it will depend on the size of the design and the stitch count. After this initial fee there is not a another setup fee, but keep in mind the size of your logo can not be altered.  All embroidery orders are priced predicated off of the number of stitches in your design.

If you make my design, can I see it before you proceed with my order?

Yes, you can choose to have an emailed art proof before proceeding with your order. Once you’ve reviewed the art proof, we will need your approval to move the order into production.

Can I bring my own items in the be printed or embroidered?

Yes. Graphic Expressions is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. However, as a matter of company policy, we can not be held responsible for damage to, or replacement of, customer supplied goods. You’ll be required to sign a waiver of liability before we’ll agree to start production.

After I place my order how soon will it be completed?

Our turnaround time is generally 2 weeks from the time your order has been approved to make sure all product has enough time to come in and go through production. If you have a specific date you need your order for, be sure to tell us as you place your order. We will always try our best to accommodate our customers.
Keep in mind altering your order (adding pieces, changing artwork) after placing your initial order can extend your turnaround time.

How can I see what kinds of product you offer?

We purchase our products from several different professional vendors, and provide the catalog links below so you can see the different options that are currently available.

Visit Imprintable Wearables for t shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, hats, and much more.

Visit Company Casuals for more corporate looks, 1/4 zips, polos, t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and much more.

If you are looking for something specific that you can not find on these sites, be sure to email us and let us know what you are looking for so we can try to help you further!

Is there a Pricing chart I can look at to get an idea of the cost?

Because there are so many different variables that go into orders we do not have a pricing chart. 

Embroidery orders are priced off of garment cost and the amount of stitches in your design.

Screen printing orders are priced off of the garment cost, number of garments,  number of colors and inks being used.

Digital printing is priced off of the garment cost and amount of ink being used for your design.

The best way to get pricing is to email us an image of your design. Providing a visual is very helpful. Also please let us know what kind of garment or what type of item you would like to have printed or embroidered.

I know what I want to have printed but I do not have a graphic, can you help me?

Absolutely! If you have a rough idea of what you want, or know you just would like words printed, we can work up a few ideas or layouts for you to choose from.

This process can take several days depending on what is involved in your design, and we will send you the layouts via email once we have your ideas worked up.